Usefulness of modularity

Usefulness of modularity

The first rule that I follow when i start to think on a new Dodicipollici furniture is modularity, rather, I give up something but every solution, for several reasons, must be modular

first of all because when the collections of records, CD and books grow even the furniture that hosts them must have the opportunity to grow with, because if I change my house and change the space dedicated to i have to be able to adapt it and, last but not least, it must also be convenient to ship, like this solution that has found a home, beautiful i think, in Stockholm.

The whole cabinet is on birch plywood veneered in striped and flamed oak wood, eight EGO cubes, a half EGO cube and an element, width two and a half cubes, with a space for the electronics and a drawer for 7ÔÇŁ.

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