Hardcore and sword strokes

Hardcore and sword strokes

"I want a furniture that can hold all the objects that I am fond of", that's what Simone, the owner of the house, told me the first time we met.
excellent" I said, "and what about these objects"? "my vinyl, my beloved hardcore 7”, my favorite books, some photos i care about and maybe we could leave a little space for the tv too".

There was material to work with and after various different projects we got the definitive one, a dynamic solution on several levels like the character of Simone, who in addition to being a record collector he is also a musician, one of the founders of "Circolo Gagarin", a well known music club very active in the Milan area, and above all, I later discovered, a teacher and former fencing champion.

For the 7” i created a drawer that could keep all of them well-ordered

the tv finds a place on the right board, the stereo system and the turntable will be above and below the drawer and around a lot of opened cubes offer a shelter to books and vinyl.

I also wanted to find a small space for a sword and a mask to complete the owner's story.
All the furniture, except for the feet, is on birch plywood veneered on oak and teak wood.

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