The fisherman

The fisherman

Once i read a Les Claypool's interview, the leader of the rock band Primus, where he claimed that in his life, he accounted himself as a fisherman, this assertion stucked in my head because we are talking about one of the most original and talented musicians of the last 30 years and unanimously considered among the greatest bass players of all time and therefore I thought he used to spend most of his time studying bass guitar and instead...
Excess of modesty or catchphrase? Nevermind, the message was clear, everything else is hobbies.

So, this story immediately got in my mind talking with Alessandro (invented name for the privacy requested by him) because I had the impression that despite being an enlightened and highly respected entrepreneur on his job and a convinced audiophile, first of all he account himself as a fisherman and not an entrepreneur, that the real talent given him was for the fly-fishing, the most technical and complex among those practiced in sweet waters, a talent that led him to travel all over the world to fish, or to film documentaries in the most remote possible places.
I don't know anything about fishing, unfortunately, but his passion has genuinely thrilled me and while he was talking about his travels he appears in my mind, with not less of envy, while was fishing with Les Claypool in a Patagonian river talking about music.

After this romantic and dutiful preamble, however, i was at his home for another reason, I was there to give a shelter to his vinyl and his gorgeous hi-fi system, and so it was, what I had designed for him was a hi-end furniture with 4 DECA cubes to hold vinyl, 3 shelves for his "Trichord Dino" preamps and the awesome "Mcintosh 275" power amp and on top, detached from the rest with conical tips, a "Denon two-arm" turntable and another "McIntosh C22" preamp.

Two technical details complete the job, a stripe Led into the top board enlight the part below and a case, also in wood, on the bottom to collect all the cables.

All the furniture is made of birch plywood and veneered in flamed oak wood to match the woods already present in the room.
Thanks Fisherman

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