Artist's nest

Artist's nest

A young couple of artists, an illustrator her and a sculptor him, were surfing the internet looking for a solution for their new studio.
The opportunity, initially, was to create a furniture to place the stereo system and the vinyl that they usually listen while they works, they told me that what they mostly liked, looking at my works, was the material that i usually use for my furniture, they found the combination of the wood grain with the typical plywood stripes very elegant.
The choice fell on a bookcase in order to exploit the limited space available.

The studio was small but the light trough the windows gave a lovely atmosphere to the studio, so was a mine idea taking care to the rest of the furnishing.

For her room designed a desk to drawing with two half cubes for brushes and paints and for him a cabinet for his tools with a shelf to lay the sculptures.
They were the artists, so more finiture was the obvious choice.

dimensions: altezza 130 cm / lunghezza 242,5 cm / profondità 45 cm

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