Dodicipollici comes from two passions joining, love for design and woodwork on one side, and love for recorded music on the other, even better if on vinyl. Since the beginning Dodicipollici has always had a special consideration for the collections of vinyl, but within their furniture find refuge books, CD, DVD, magazines and the same hi-fi system receives the attention it deserves.  Build your own composition of modular cases, buy and add new pieces following your needs, and rebuild your compositions when you move to a new place or change your home furniture. 
Ideas, handicraft and attention to details are proudly made in Italy.


I’ve always been fond of music. In these last twenty years I’ve hoarded more than 3500 vinyl records of blues, Motown and Seventies rock. I used to keep them piled up randomly in every corner of my house: crammed on my bookshelves, stacked on the floor, banked up beside my television set and in every makeshift places I could find. I had never considered the idea of developing a proper system to store them… Until the arrival of Nina. At that time it was necessary to make room for our first daughter: we needed a new car, a new home and new furnitures. Where should I store my beloved collection of old vinyl records?  I had a set of shelves, but they were not suitable at all. I needed to find an alternative solution. 


I was longing for a beautiful piece of furniture, both elegant and solid, where my records could take at last a proper shelter. 
Ideally it should be a flexible system that could be adjusted to any room and could be expanded as my collection increased. Was it impossible? Not really: I just needed a modular system! Why I didn’t think about it before? 
I started to work on the design, and after a few attempts I came to a perfect and essential form: the cube.
As for the material, I had no doubts right from the start; it must be wood with its sober elegance, the best material ever to preserve vinyl records. 


In my mind and in my drawings my idea seemed perfect, but then I had to materially develop what I had conceived.

So I turned to my trustworthy carpenter, and we finalized all the technical and esthetic details before starting the production.

When the first piece was made, I looked at its shape, I touched its surface, and I was amazed:  It was even more beautiful than I had imagined!  That year, together with my daughter, my project was born:

Since then I developed three different products: EGO, DECA and NINA.